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When I Think About You

Updated: Mar 16

When I Think About You

When I think about you

it's like every firefly on Earth

congregated in a warm night sky

shaped themselves into an impossible bridge

with me on one side

and on the other side, glowing,


When I think about you

I'm enjoying a slow, relaxing cup of coffee

I'm searching for inspiration at the end of a run

I'm teaching kids how to write at the local high school

I'm petting my cats while they purr

I'm wishing I knew how to cook Indian food

I'm thinking about how to fill my free time

I'm lighting my favorite candle

I'm writing

I'm sleeping

I'm drifting off to sleep

I wake up in the morning and there you are.

When I think about you

you and me are hooping it up,

schooling a bunch of past their prime men

on a local court, two on five,

their every shot an ache,

our every dribble a reverberation

of their former glory,

and yeah, it's a bit weird

that even part of what I think about

when I think about you is old men

until a thunderous dunk in my heart declares

game, set, match,

and I love watching the life in you too much

so I say let's run it back.

When I think about you

I hear Waxahatchee sing

"when you see me I'm honey on a spoon"

and I melt like the glacier should have,

kindly, graciously, forgivingly,

the moment before it took down the Titanic,

like how you melted in my arms

that night I saw you for the first time

after we'd been apart for far too long.

When I think about you

babies cry

dogs bark (and cats purr, of course)

furniture gets placed in the perfect position

a garden blooms

my shoulder is your pillow on an airplane

I carry you sleeping to the car

the perfect playlist follows us around the country

and that Waxahatchee song plays,

you singing along,

and I'm listening to you not the song

and there is so much luck in my heart,

so much gratitude,

so much sunshine and your favorite flowers.

When I think about you...

When I think about you...

When I...

It's like every firefly on Earth

congregated on a foggy dark day

to hover above you like a spotlight,

declaring this is not some mystery

who you are supposed to love,

but more simply put I smile,

big and stupid and full of joy

I smile,

and wish you were in my arms

when I think about you.

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