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Questions & Answers, In No Particular Order

Updated: Mar 16

Questions & Answers, In No Particular Order

(inspired by a poem of the same name by Sarah Kay)

What do you love most about her?

Octavia Butler told us that habit is persistence in practice, and I'm inclined to agree. I'm not sure what shapes us more beyond our daily practices.

If I dream about you, am I spending time with you?

Mysteries abound, and enjoy plenty of cookies along the way.

How far would you walk to find everything you're looking for?

I believe in love, and that everyone deserves it.

What is the loss of your favorite dream?

Her hair. Her smile. Her laugh. The way she does a body roll. The way nothing else exists but her and the board when she's playing SET. How she exhibits love to everyone she meets. Her heart.

If I look at what's happening through the eyes of love, how would I tell this story? (credit)

Hard to stomach. The impossible become impossible. Something I don't think I'll ever believe in.

How do you find it?

An emerald dress. Sunshine on her face. Glowing, she just glowed.

What if I dream about you often?

What matters is how I live with it.

When did you first feel it? Like, really feel it.

Her reading me this book of strange words from all over the world. Words I'd never heard of. Words with meanings single English words can't convey. This was new territory for me, someone who thought he knew so much about words, and their magic.

Do you believe in third chances?

Yes. No. Maybe, but you're reaching.

What was she wearing?

Look around you. Just look around, take a deep breath, and ask yourself that question again.

Spin a wheel in your head and pick a memory?

A boy met the right girl and a girl met the right boy. They fell in love. Sometimes beautiful things take time. Sometimes beginnings aren't perfect, but they smile with a sneaky magic, only telling us if we're patient enough to hear, what comes next is the heart of the story.

Will you ever stop missing her?

The climbing gym. She was hanging upside down like she was Spider-Man, smiling at me like, look at me! I'm amazing.

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