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We are Composed of Waves

Updated: Mar 16

We are Composed of Waves

Missing you feels something like a sand castle

too close to the tide

praying for more time but always running out

and yet it stands there

shining in the sun.

Do you taste the long lost salt too?

Deeper, richer, a fond memory forgotten

dredged up from the ocean's deepest point

by a caring creature with claws

who only thought, why not

give these little buggers another shot at finding something better?

Children splash in the shallows;

the few parents who know about this place read

and hold hands;

birds make courageous dives for sandwich crumbs;

and I've come to believe that if the sun gives warmth

then your smile is the furnace that holds it.

Have I ever told you what burns inside me?

Did I forget to warn you about my shipwreck?

History, history, history.

Do you understand I have made this mistake before?

But I believe we can change all of that.

For me, the storm was cunning and waited

for you, and for me to create

the wind and the waves,

the howling and the thunder,

and yet the water calms if we wait,

breathe in the wise, whispering air,

listen for the way each salty gust holds us

and wants to hold us.

I reach for you even when I know

my hands will come up empty

and my heart learns that love is an ocean,

my hands are claws,

and claws can be taught to hold on

instead of snipping apart,

can be taught to dive deeper

to set free sand that forgot

it is always allowed to feel warmth

and the loving grasp of fingers.

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