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The Constant Thing

Updated: Mar 16

The Constant Thing

Isn't the whole point

that before something happens

we were going to live a different life?

Some might call this the butterfly effect

while others roll their eyes and say, "duh,"

and maybe it just dawned on you

to get up and do literally anything else

but read this poem

in order to prove you control what changes

your life, and also (and it's okay to admit this)

you kind of really liked who you were

before you started reading this poem

and you'd rather stick to the way of things,

a "don't rock the boat" type situation,

"if it ain't broke don't fix it",

sticks and stones can break your bones

but words are confined to this poem

you are definitely not reading,

and yet I hope you have fallen in love

-- at some point, with something --

and wasn't your life going to be different

before that happened?

Like most people I have my routines,



the consistent prayers

I bow to like brewing coffee or taking a jog

amidst the bleeding, brightening sky

as it dawns on me

(like an irresistible pun)

that right now because of right before

I am at least the slightest bit different,

will in fact never be the same again,

and yet I hope that because I brew coffee

at the same time, in the same way each morning

that something in me always remains the same,

if only to validate and/or somewhat rationally explain

my minor and beloved caffeine addiction,

but also because wouldn't that mean the night

you said you loved me,

even if that was also the night I left you,

I was and still am the same person who said

I love you too,

and now I ask myself how many loose coins

does it take for the person who left

to never come back?

How do we know

the amount we must pay in change?

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