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Now that We're Broken Up

Updated: Mar 16

Now that We're Broken Up I Will Kindly Erase as Many Compliments as Possible from Your Memory to Help You Move On

Forget you're beautiful

forget you're kind

forget you're funny

forget you have a smile that makes everything inside me come alive

forget that you're calm

forget that you're composed

forget how "you have to be fucking kidding me" hot you look in a dress

and naked

and in a sweatshirt

and literally all of the time

and forget you almost beat me at chess on your first try

forget you're as smart as they come

forget your cute ass nose ring

forget your amazing hair

and your skin

your eyes

your hands

your feet

your hips

your thighs

your nails

your laugh

your undeniably 11/10 ass

your voice

your singing voice

your positive, supportive attitude

and definitely forget how great you are at loving kids

forget how you care about animals

forget giving thoughtful gifts

forget dancing

forget how holding you is bliss

forget how well you listen

forget how you encourage

forget your courage

forget your inner strength

forget your emotional intelligence

and how pretty you look when you cry

forget your great advice

forget your work ethic

forget your gorgeous, glowing heart

forget the incredible love you possess

and your ability to share it

forget your ears

forget your lips

forget your tongue

forget your teeth

and forget your blah, blah, blah,

this list could go on forever

and these are just words

technically anyone could devise

anyone could say

but did I just write a poem

about all the wonderful things

someone else should forget?

No, and I hope you remember that every day.

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