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He was Edmond Dantes, and he was my father and my mother, my brother, my friend. He was you and me. He was all of us.


Wait, that's V for Vendetta.


I'm Alex Rosenfeld and this is the digital home of my writing. You can find my published and professional work under the tab 'The Ancient Scrolls'.


If you need credentials to substantiate your stay here, I hold an MFA in Fiction from Rutgers University-Camden, a BA in English & Creative Writing from Emory University, and I live with two wonderful cats in Austin, TX (which, truth be told, may be the most relevant fact of all).


The 'Events' page lists events of importance, depending on who you are and who you choose to care about.


The blog is a collection of things. Some satire, some not. Always words. For now, exclusively in English.


Poke around. Enjoy yourself. If you're not enjoying yourself, leave. Seriously. You deserve to enjoy your life.


And, for the record, I smell like, as Dr. Cox from Scrubs says about his apartment, 'nothing, nothing at all.'

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